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Club Officers

President  - Larry Mayo

Larry Mayo picture

I became interested in things that fly at an early age and first played with control-line then RC airplanes through grade school and high school. The hobby had to be put on a shelf for a while though, lacking both funds and time, until eight years ago when my wife gave me an electric Corsair for Christmas.... I haven’t stopped spending money on the hobby since then. My wife and I moved to the Columbus area  six years ago and I’ve been a member of the  WMAA for five years. My interest is primarily in the .40 size range of Nitro planes but as most of us would agree, if it flies, I think it’s pretty cool.

Larry may be reached at

Vice-President - Carl Handley

Carl Haandley


Hi, my name is Carl Handley. I am 53yrs old have flown with the club for nearly 10 years now and have enjoyed everyone I have meet at the flying field so far. I have been around the country in the last 10 yrs and haven't found a club field like ours at Alum Creek. I call it My Beach. Where it's just as relaxing to hang out with good friends. I love to fly and build warbirds and other rc planes for it relates history that flew in our past. I fly with a Futaba 18sz and carry a sponsorship from Venom Battery, some of the best flying batteries made. I am a NASA Scale member and fly in as many events as I can . I'm married with an awesome wife and have a awesome son. I live by a few moto's: one is “You teach me how to do something and I'll pay it forward and teach someone else. You can only get better by burning fuel, batteries, or GP”.

You can email Carl at:


Secretary - Dave Dumond

Dave Dumond

My interest in aviation started while growing up in the Columbus area. My dad worked as an engineer at North American Aviation, which produced a variety of military aircraft. During that time it was common to see A3J Vigilantes and later the OV-10 Bronco, among others, in the Columbus area airspace as well as occasional close ups at the plant. While attending The Ohio State University I worked part time on the line crew at Don Scott Airport. A number of years prior to that I had witnessed the one and only departure of a Boeing 707 from Don Scott early one morning while delivering papers ( The TWA flight had landed at Don Scott by mistake the previous night).

Apart from occasional dabbles in rubber band free flight, and one nitro powered trainer of my sons, that never got the engine to run, let alone getting in the air, my experience in model aviation started about 4 years ago, and has been on the electric sport side, with a couple small helis thrown in for some winter variety and to provide entertainment for my dogs. I enjoy building almost as much as flying and have converted the back porch of my house into the winter build hanger, with one or two projects to pass the cold and dark of the winter on nights when the “dome flies” are not an option.

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Treasurer - Rob Hoffman


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Safety Officer - Mike Barbee

Mike Barbee

Mike describes himself briefly  in the memorable words of Julius Caesar, "Veni, Vidi, Vici" - I came, I saw, I conquered.

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