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Flying field rules

Written by Scott McCrory   
Saturday, 15 August 2009 15:12


  1. Flyers and their guests are responsible for safety, behavior and adherence to the field rules and are personally liable for their own actions which may result in bodily injury or property damage while at this flying site.
  2. Flying is open to all AMA members except during posted events. Minimum flying skills (landing, take-off, changing direction, and maintaining level flight) must be verifiable to a qualified WMAA instructor. Failure to comply with AMA or WMAA guidelines may require the assistance of an instructor pilot until ability is verified.
  3. WMAA club membership is highly encouraged.
  4. Flyers are responsible for frequency control and use of the frequency board. This is to include the posting of a current AMA membership card on the frequency board for any channel to be used. No frequency control form other than a valid AMA membership card or temporary AMA form is acceptable.
  5. Flying below the dam, over the reservoir, over spectators, or over the parking lot is strictly prohibited.
  6. All flyers should make every effort to minimize sound levels. All engines over 0.1 cubic inches must have an effective muffler.
  7. No flying closer than the runway centerline other than takeoff and landing. Only persons essential to the flight operation are permitted on the flight line. Spectators must remain behind the fence.
  8. High speed passes and “aggressive” flying must occur beyond the far edge of the runway as an extra buffer from pilots and spectators.
  9. Aircraft engines and electric motors are to be run only on the pit side of the safety fence.
  10. No taxiing of aircraft between the near edge of the runway and spectator fence.
  11. All radio equipment must meet 1991 and later FCC Regulations governing remote controlled aircraft.
  12. No more than five (5) aircraft may be in the air at any given time.
  13. Absolutely no flying while field maintenance is being performed.
  14. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.
  15. Flyers, guests, and spectators are reminded to keep the field area clean at all times by disposing of trash, broken airplanes and parts, and personal refuse.
  16. Helicopters are to be flown at Stations #1 & #2 (west end of field) when other aircraft types are being operated.
  17. Surface vehicles which are radio controlled or remotely operated are discouraged at the flying site with respect to the safety of spectators. Their use is prohibited while any aircraft operations are underway, and prohibited behind the spectator fence, picnic area, or in the parking area.
  18. All field rules apply to all types of aircraft.
  19. In addition to the above posted rules, the use of this site is subject to the Official Safety Rules of the AMA, which may be posted elsewhere at this facility.


Unsafe operation or failure to observe the posted safety rules is grounds for expulsion from the field